I'm a retired software engineer living in rural Ecuador, and have volunteered to be the "IT Guy" for a small, nonprofit medical clinic that is just now being built in the small town of Mindo (see http://mindoproject.wordpress.com). I have looked into a few commercial systems and rejected them on the basis of cost (tens of thousands of dollars, even here in Ecuador). I've also looked into OpenEMR (PHP, yuck!) and GNU Health (Python based). OpenMRS seems to have a very active user and developer community, plus I worked for years with client-server Java systems (JSP, Servlets, Struts), so I'm comfortable with its technology base. So, if I can get my head around it, I'll use OpenMRS.

However, I'm having a hard time understanding how to customize it. I don't mean to be unduly critical, but the documentation is pretty scattered. I haven't been very successful in understanding the steps of the implementation process. I have played with the standalone as well as gotten the "from scratch" installation to work. Would I be better off starting with the "from scratch" version and adding "stuff" (presumably modules, forms, plus whatever one uses to glue them together), or starting with the standalone version and remove stuff that is of no interest, plus add back other "stuff" to make it do what we need? Where is the best place to go for help? I promise that if I do adopt OpenMRS for the Mindo clinic, I'll get involved and even help write documentation :-)

Thanks, Gary Schiltz

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Gary Schiltz
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Welcome on board!!! Thank you too for all the great work you are doing for the clinic!!! I fully agree that our documentation has a lot of room for improvement and we greatly welcome ideas on how to make it better. :)

Getting down to your question, for a person of your experience, one who has even gotten the "from scratch" installation to work on your own, i would recommend to that you go with the from scratch (Enterprise) version and add stuff that you need.

As for places to go for help, you can come on IRC: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/IRC/Home and get more interactive help. I am always logged in as: dkayiwa Implementers and Developers mailing lists are other alternative places to look for help.

By the way, have you had a chance to look at this? http://en.flossmanuals.net/openmrs-guide/

Oh, can't wait to see you involved and even helping us with the documentation!!!


answered 22 Nov '12, 02:26

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Daniel Kayiwa
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Thanks, Daniel. I had skimmed the flossmanual along with all the other docs, but I'll direct my attention there and answer back with what I find out. I'll also jump on IRC as soon as I have a chance.

(22 Nov '12, 09:29) Gary Schiltz gschiltz's gravatar image

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