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In the existing "patient creation form" we have a section at the end of the form "Check if this person is deceased " , "Death Date" and "Cause of Death ". If a person is dead, why do we need to register the person as a patient in the system ?

asked 27 Nov '12, 03:36

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Meghna DSouza
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closed 25 Jan '13, 09:28

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Michael Downey ♦♦

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For implementations that are using their system to track diseases, perform research, or report to ministries or granting agencies, it is sometimes necessary to register patients into the system retrospectively. In this cases, it's possible that the patient may have died by the time they were registered. Given that this is a rare exception, it would be reasonable to suggest that it be more subtle (e.g., only show death date and cause of death fields if the person is deceased option is checked).

You could make a TRUNK enhancement ticket in JIRA for this issue.




answered 27 Nov '12, 10:05

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Burke Mamlin ♦♦
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The option to "display death date and cause of death ONLY when deceased option is checked " is already present in the demo site.
What should the enhancement ticket be created for ? Probably we should provide the "is deceased" checkbox option only on the "person" creation form and NOT on the "patient" creation form ?

(28 Nov '12, 04:57) Meghna DSouza meghna's gravatar image

Some implementations may want the ability to mark patients as deceased when creating them, but it's a small use case. I would suggest:

  1. Email implementers "I am proposing we omit fields to mark a patient as deceased when creating them in OpenMRS by default, only enabling it for implementations that opt-in by setting a global property. Anyone relying on mkaring patients as deceased during patient registration?"
  2. If it's ok, create a new feature ticket to add a global property to enable registration of dead patients (off by default) & hide deceased fields unless this is turned on.
(28 Nov '12, 10:00) Burke Mamlin ♦♦ burke's gravatar image

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