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  1. I have created a patient with an id -"abc" and name-"test name" I enter a search string as "abc". No result is displayed

  2. Patient "John Mamwa Shavola" has patient id "7279MP-4" I enter search string "7279" , no result is displayed I enter search string "7279MP-4" , "John Mamwa Shavola" comes up in the search result.

asked 27 Nov '12, 06:48

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Meghna DSouza
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closed 25 Jan '13, 09:30

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Michael Downey ♦♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by michael 25 Jan '13, 09:30

The patient search might be making an assumption that identifiers use numbers and names use letters. It looks like your first issue may be a bug, since searching for "abc" when a patient has the identifier "abc" should result in at least one match. Please file a ticket for this specific issue -- i.e., Search for patient by identifier fails when identifier is made of only letters.

Failing to match on partial identifiers is by design. Allowing partial identifier matches could increase data entry errors by skipping the check digit validation -- e.g., you type in 7279 and mistakenly select 7279MG-4 from the list (instead of 7279MP-4) because the name happens to be similar.


answered 27 Nov '12, 10:17

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Burke Mamlin ♦♦
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Thanks Burke I have created a JIRA ticket for the first issue stated in my earlier example.

(28 Nov '12, 02:08) Meghna DSouza meghna's gravatar image

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